Beth and The Regal Fig


Thanks so much for dropping by! If you’re contemplating making some changes and wondering if we are fit or just want to learn a little bit more about me, here’s some insight into my story…

With complete faith in the abundance of the Universe and a resolute belief that anything is possible when you follow your passion, I launched The Regal Fig in order to live my truth as an advocate for health and wellbeing and support others in their journey not only to find theirs but explore the fullest potential of what that could be and how to get it.

My transformation from stressed out, uptight, type A corporate employee began innocently enough with a visit to the acupuncturist to treat sleep and digestive issues and snowballed into a deep dive of “Is this all there is?” culminating in a new career championing wellness. Despite a successful career, a lovely home and wonderful friends and family I truly believed I was meant to make a bigger difference in the world around me than just crunching numbers and commuting 2-3 hours a day. The transition from corporate climber to personal chef to wellness muse hasn’t been an easy one. Life provides an unbelievable and at times very humbling education. Having been laid off from my corporate job on two separate occasions, exhausting my carefully saved nest egg to make ends meet more than once, trying and “failing” at business and love a time or two was no walk in the park.

I am however, forever grateful for what at times seemed like insurmountable obstacles in my path including countless rejections, injuries, heart break, business failures, financial disaster and a two year battle with chronic pain in order to be ready, willing and able to serve my true purpose of helping others find true wellness and fulfilling lives with compassion and complete and irrevocable commitment.

Over the years I have been fortunate to work with individuals and organizations around the globe speaking, teaching and supporting a sustainable path to better health and wellness through food, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle changes.  With a BA in Communication, an MS in Nutrition and Integrative Health and a variety of certifications in holistic health coaching, personal training and energy work plus a whole lot of life experiences it is my greatest joy to work with those individuals who are looking to redefine their future by transforming their health and wellbeing.

Although I don’t consider my business work but rather an exciting opportunity to explore and grow ever day, in my free time I love hiking with my dog Beans, cycling, working out, cooking for friends and family and taking advantage of all that life has to offer.

If interested in learning more, please contact Beth at