Hello this is your life calling, It wants its balance back

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Hello this is your life calling, it wants its balance back…

Last month I put all of my possessions in storage, put my business on hold and went to stay with my sister in San Francisco. This is HUGE because I had spent the last 4 years developing and building a business in the DC area. My business was growing and I was gaining notoriety in a town that I loved surrounded by great people with lots of possibility- so why stop? At the Regal Fig I always say we are fundamentally all about food and what it brings to our life and those we love. BUT while I was busily growing a business and cooking for the best clients a business owner could hope for, I forgot a very important ingredient. Balance. The food we eat isn’t the only food we need and after the last few years of focusing entirely on the business given little to no thought to me and the food in my life- I was starving mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Everyone who knows me well knows I like a VERY FULL plate but my plate had gotten so full with only one type of food that not only was it not nutritious it was becoming down right toxic.  I worked 14 hour days 6 days a week, commuted between two and four hours a day leaving no time to exercise, eat right, have fun or visit with friends much less relax or develop and implement a plan on how to grow the business in a sustainable way.

Over the summer I had established some key dates and metrics for the business in order to grow because in business as in life if you aren’t growing you might as well just call it a day.  By September I realized I wasn’t going to hit my benchmarks not because they weren’t reasonable or doable but mostly because I didn’t want to. One of my dearest friends and total business guru was dumbfounded, “I don’t understand he said, you have made very specific steps over the last two years getting deeper and deeper into this business what do you mean you don’t want to do it? Can’t you just build it up and sell off the thing?” I was crushed but I just couldn’t do it. I just physically couldn’t do it. Somewhere along the line, when I lost me I lost my vision and everything started to fall apart. Physically my body gave out, I was completely stressed out, I hurt my back, stopped working out, no longer cooked for pleasure, my healthy food habits disappeared and if that wasn’t enough finished out 2012 with an unexpected break up with my boyfriend whom I thought was going to propose. I guess in the end it was not a bad thing because he was the only one in my life who didn’t seem to support a single aspect of who I am as a person. The break up was a wakeup call.

I have threes magnets on the back of my front door which I see every time I leave the house, I put them there specifically to remind and inspire myself to pursue my life’s passion. They read “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, life the life you imagined”; “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” and the last one says “In a world full of Caterpillars it takes balls to be a butterfly”. Well, I have definitely arrived at the end of my comfort zone and although the how is slightly unclear the life I imagine and dreams are very clear. As far as the last year goes I believe the ups and downs of the journey were far more important than the destination (though reaching the destination would have been much less painful I think).  My goal for the next year is to find balance and nourish my mind, body and soul through faith, food, fitness and friends.

Today I was driving down the street on my way to my acupuncture appointment in this new city (missing my old acupuncturist and all around life guru terribly) and just ahead staring down at me from the back of the bus was a poster that read “Hello this is your life calling, it wants its balance back”-clearly the universe had something to say and boy was it right on. The food that feeds our soul through relationships, health, career/vocation and spirituality is by and the large the appetite we need to satisfy first and above all else. If these aspects of our life are not in balance than the food we eat just won’t matter.

For the foreseeable future, The Regal Fig will not be offering personal cheffing services though we continue to provide wellness coaching, seminars on health and wellness and menu planning while focusing on this blog and working on a cook book. Please do follow me via this blog over the course of the next year to learn more about creating balance in your life and feed your mind, body and soul.