Corporate and Professional Wellness Seminars

Corporate and Professional Wellness Seminars:

Work Life Balance - Corporate Wellness - The Regal FigOne of the biggest issues of our time is rising health care costs and affordable health insurance. As of 2008, the US spent $2.3 trillion or $7,681 per person on health care split almost evenly between private and federally funded programs. Of the money spent on healthcare, 75% was spent on people with one or more chronic preventable conditions such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer. According to the CDC, “four common causes of chronic disease include poor nutrition, lack of physical exercise, tobacco use and excessive alcohol consumption-ALL modifiable behaviors”. In 2005 nearly 1 in every 2 adults had at least one chronic disease. Recent research has found that chronic disease results in employees missing an average of 3.9 to 10.5 days of work a year depending on the type and number of chronic diseases suffered by an individual. This equates to almost $1trillion in lost economic output.

By supporting your employee base with a comprehensive wellness program, employers can lower their healthcare costs and increase employee productivity. The Regal Fig can support your wellness program by offering individual and group health coaching and seminars on nutrition, healthy cooking, beneficial food choices and fitness. .

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