Do you Live Life or Just Exist?

On Sunday I met a man who is 106 years old. He lives with his daughter and son in law in a historic log cabin on the banks of the Potomac in rural Virginia and enjoys a relatively active life surrounded by his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. As a total history buff, I started thinking of all the major life events this individual has lived through. Born in 1907, this man saw Oklahoma and Arizona admitted into the Union as a state, Einstein had just released his first theory of relativity and the 16th amendment wouldn’t be ratified for two more years. He has lived through countless wars, seen phenomenal growth in industry, technology and has outlived some of the greatest athletes, performers and human beings ever from beginning to end. WOW!

However as a health and wellness coach I was overwhelmed by the magnitude of this meeting after wandering through the aisles at the grocery store the next day. On more than one occasion I had been physically struck by another person’s shopping cart as they mindlessly perused the aisles gathering one box of something after the other. I thought to myself HELLO!! Do you really not see me here? Although only 5’2”I have a much bigger personality and am not easily overlooked. Is it possible you really don’t observe the presence of another human being in your path? Are you really that clueless or self-absorbed? Which then got me thinking how many of us just simply go through our life existing, walking through life without paying any attention to what is really going on around us or to us and are we generally ok with this? How much of your life do you truly live in and how much do you truly live?

As part of growing my business I do A LOT of networking and frequently I am asked do I practice what I preach? Do I eat healthy, do I work out, do I feel great etc. etc. etc….. Inevitably the person asking the question is always surprised by my answer which is always a resounding and enthusiastic YES! I always reply I that I live in every inch of my life, I leave no stone unturned. I eat what I want when I want and never feel guilty. I honor the body I was given and treat it with respect. I strive for balance and love big. I celebrate my failures as much as my successes and find a reason to laugh every day. Then I ask them how much of your life do you live in? Do you wake up every day excited for what’s ahead? Do you jump out of bed? Do you laugh?  Do you appreciate the extraordinary in the everyday ordinary? Although undoubtedly a person might have one or two bad days over the course of 106 years and I am no exception I look forward to every one of mine. My great grandmother lived until 99 so a long life runs in my family and whether I live to 106 or longer I am excited to live in and experience every day.

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