Love It! Live It! Eat It!

tbrflyerb1Love it! Live It! Eat It!

Every day we are bombarded with information about what we should eat, how we should look and if we tried any number of other things our lives would be so much better. And so the race begins. We are so focused on food that sadly what we eat drives how we live or don’t live for that matter and fundamentally affects how we love or don’t love first and foremost ourselves, our own body and those around us. This if you ask me is fundamentally flawed.

When you are new to cooking, more often than not, you follow a recipe in order to successfully make one dish or another. Generally speaking most people don’t know how to make a soufflé or roast a turkey right out of the gate without first working through a recipe or two. Many of us will try a family recipe, crack open a cook book or scour the internet to find one that sounds good despite the 100’s or more to choose from often with mixed results. Inevitably though, without that recipe, a first time cook would have no real sense of how to get from raw ingredients to a sumptuous meal. Recipes are like a road map and subsequently so is food.  If we aren’t clear on what we want our bodies to do and don’t know what we are capable of how can we do we know the right food to eat. We don’t.

 If we don’t first recognize we are innately awesome, capable of great things and love who we are, we will never be able to create and live life fully and achieve our greatest potential. If we are to create a life full of purpose and with passion whatever that means to you, we will passionately strive to consume and by consume I mean by all five senses, only that which fuels how we want to  live and by default becomes an expression of how we love. Honestly, if you love something or someone do you feed it garbage? Do you clean it with products you know over time will sicken, destroy or damage something you hold so dear-Um no.  Much like that someone or something our bodies are no different. In today’s society so much of what we consume via all five senses is that garbage whether we realize it or not. The food we eat has been depleted of much needed nutrients as a result of over farming, increased pesticides and genetically modified seed all well intentioned to create more food for a growing population. The music we listen to, the shows we watch, the activities we engage in separately and together dramatically impact our health and overall wellbeing.

Having reached a point of being completely annoyed with the messages we hear every day which almost always comeback in some way to being fat, unfulfilled  or not good enough-I created the Total Body Reboot program based on the premise of Love It! Live It! Eat It! Very simply :

Love who you are and what you are capable of.

Live from that place where your dreams are your reality.

Not only Eat but feast on a diet rich in the nutrients that will get you there.

According to author and TED presenter, Simon Sinek, we have to understand the why before we can understand the how and what in order to be truly inspired to change. There is an age old saying, be the change you wish to see in the world but I might add instead, be the why you want to see in the world.  Because the why behind the what is you.

Love it! Live It! Eat It!

Be a part of the Movement

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