Metabolic Balance®

Metabolic Balance®

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates (460-377 BC)

vegetables - Metabolic Balance - The Regal FigMetabolic Balance® is an innovative scientifically based nutrition program designed to balance hormones and optimize health resulting in long term weight management through whole natural foods. The Metabolic Balance® Program looks at the root cause of how and why a person stores and releases energy and fat.

The program starts with an in depth analysis of your unique blood values, medical history and personal likes and dislikes. Based on this information a comprehensive four phase nutritional plan, coupled with personal coaching sessions, is designed specifically to “orchestrate the biochemical changes needed to achieve your desirable weight and health goals.”

No Shakes, Pills, Injections, Boxed Food or Points only whole natural foods available at your local grocery, farmers market or butcher.

Who should participate?

Whether you are looking to lose 30 or 300 lbs. or want to manage or eliminate other weight related problems such as high cholesterol, Type II Diabetes, Migraines, Insulin resistance, food allergies or skin and digestive issues just to name a few then Metabolic Balance® could be for you. The Metabolic Balance® Program is a safe, sustainable permanent weight loss solution which has served over a half a million participants thus far and we look forward to supporting you in your journey to greater health.

Why it works

Insulin is the key to your body’s weight management system and has substantial impact on other hormonal and enzyme production. Using your unique blood values, specific foods are selected based on their effect on your hormonal system. By managing blood sugar, you enable your body to burn fat more efficiently. As a result you can experience weight loss of up to 3-6 lbs. a week or more, increased energy and an overall improvement in health and wellbeing.

The Metabolic Balance® program was developed over 25 years ago by German Medical Doctor, Dr. Wolf Funfack and a team of nutritional scientists who sought to manage metabolic syndrome, the precursor to Type II Diabetes and by default created a revolutionary weight loss program. The Metabolic Balance® program has been independently verified and the findings presented in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism

The Regal Fig Food Co.LLC is pleased to be a part of the Metabolic Balance® Family as a certified coach. To learn more about the Metabolic Balance® program go to or contact Beth for a free initial consultation.

The Metabolic Balance® program does not provide or replace your medical care or advice. Every weight loss program carries certain risks. Consult with your physician prior to beginning any weight loss program. Certain health conditions may prevent you from participating. Individual results may vary and no specific medical benefits are claimed for this program. Results cannot be guaranteed. Always seek the advice of a medical practitioner in relation to any symptoms or illnesses requiring medical supervision.